Dance Tempos

Country & Western
Competition tempos sanctioned by the United Country Western Dance Council (UCWDC) (does not apply to Masters and Champions divisions).
Two-Step182-198 bpm
Waltz84-100 bpm
West Coast Swing112-128 bpm
Cha Cha100-116 bpm
East Coast Swing142-158 bpm
Polka114-130 bpm
Tempos are specified in beats per minute.

Ballroom & Latin
Competition tempos sanctioned by the International Council of Ballroom Dancing (ICBD), the United States Amateur Ballroom Dance Association (USABDA), and the National Dance Council of America (NDCA).
DanceICBD TempoUSABDA TempoNDCA Tempo
International Waltz31 mpm30 mpmN/A
International Tango33 mpm33 mpmN/A
International Viennese Waltz60 mpm60 mpmN/A
International Slow Foxtrot30 mpm28 mpmN/A
International Quickstep52 mpm52 mpmN/A
International Samba56 mpm50 mpmN/A
International Cha Cha32 mpm32 mpmN/A
International Rumba28 mpm27 mpmN/A
International Paso Doble62 mpm62 mpmN/A
International Jive44 mpm44 mpmN/A
American WaltzN/AN/A28-30 mpm
American TangoN/AN/A30-32 mpm
American FoxtrotN/AN/A30-32 mpm
American Viennese WaltzN/AN/A54-56 mpm
American Cha ChaN/AN/A28-30 mpm
American MamboN/AN/A47 mpm
American MerengueN/AN/A29-32 mpm
American RumbaN/AN/A32 mpm
American SambaN/AN/A54-56 mpm
American East Coast SwingN/AN/A34-38 mpm
American West Coast SwingN/AN/A28-32 mpm
American PolkaN/AN/A60-62 mpm
In ballroom dancing, the convention is that tempos are specified in measures per minute. This can be somewhat confusing unless it is realized that some dances (e.g., Tango, Samba, etc.) are danced in 2/4 timing.